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  • Restoration

would include cleaning, polishing, and touch-up of original finish,duplication of any missing parts, cleaning or replacement of hardware, complete regluing of any loose structural joints and tightening or replacement of loose or missing veneers.

  • Complete Refinishing:
  • would involve hand stripping of the finish, completely removing it, sanding the raw wood, and staining to our clients desired color. We also glue any loose joints, veneers, rungs, and drawers, etc. All open grain woods are grain filled, then the sealer and finish coats are applied.


  • Stripping only:
  • is for the do-it-yourselfer, who also enjoys the challenge of refinishing the piece but does not want to do the stripping themselves. All pieces are hand stripped and are returned clean of any finish to our clients.


  • Replacement Hardware:
  • we offer a large selection of reproduction replacement hardware. We have also retained a skilled craftsman who can reproduce exact replicas of rare pieces.


  • Repairs:
  • Refitting dresser drawers, complete chair reconstruction, broken dowel replacements, loose veneers, and missing spindles, etc. Anything wood, we can repair it.
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